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The Razor #5 : Top Performer

  • Easy-to-refill, ergonomic metal handle
  • 5 movable blades made with patented technology
  • Rear precision trimmer and aloe vera lubrication
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Men’s shaving box - BIC SHAVE CLUB
Your Blade Refill Pack
of 4 new blades
Razor 5 blades #5 - BIC SHAVE CLUB
Your Starter Set with
Handle, 1st Blade Refill & Shave Gel (75 ml)
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  • Easily modify your subscription
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Men's shaving set: discover the BIC SHAVE BOX

Are you tired of being fleeced every time you shave? Join the BIC SHAVE CLUB and save on your shaving budget! Here’s how it works - it couldn’t be simpler! You subscribe for next to nothing: prices start at £4.50 per month! You receive the STARTER SET the first month, containing a top quality razor, blades and one Shave Gel (75ml). Then you decide how often your refill blades are delivered to your door. There is no commitment or obligation. This is no pointless beauty box: the BIC SHAVE BOX is going to revolutionise your shaving. A quick tip: Choose the 5-blade razor. It is the best of the bunch for an effective, comfortable shave. You’ll only find it here because its a Men’s box exclusive for the BIC SHAVE CLUB.