The #3: The Basic

The #3 razor is ideal for a fast, efficient shave.
  • 3-blade patented technology For a fast, effective shave
  • A lubricated strip
    with aloe vera and vitamin E
    For a smooth shave
See the back
  • A simple refill systemA blade protector to safely guide you
  • An ergonomically designed handleAn anti-slip rubber grip
£4.50 the following months

A one-step refill system

Simply press the metal button
to change the head, which pivots
to conform to the shape of your face
reach difficult areas

3 thin, sharp, movable
"Nano sharpened edge” blades

For less pressure on the skin
and easier cleaning than
non-refillable blades
Say goodbye to expensive shaves
that rub you the wrong way!
£4.50 the following months
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