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Our 5-blade razor is perfect for a close, precise shave.
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Available in 3 colors
  • A lubricated strip enriched
    with aloe vera and vitamin E
    For a gentle glide
  • A precision blade at the back For hard-to-reach areas such as
    the upper lip and sideburns
  • A rubber skin guard To hold skin taut for a
    close and comfortable shave
  • 5 movable blades
    with patented technology
    For a close shave and optimal comfort
  • A simple refill system Simply press the metal sphere to
    release and replace the cartridge

  • A modern, ergonomically designed metal handle
    Designed for increased control and with a
    rubber backside for a comfortable grip.
£7 the following months

A one-step
refill system

Simply press the metal button
to change the head

A head that pivots at 40°

For maximum contact with the skin
and to reach difficult areas

5 thin, sharp,flexible
"Nano sharpened edge” blades

To better follow the contours of your face, exert less pressure
on your skin and easily rinse your blades.
A precision blade
For tricky manoeuvres under
the nose or on the sideburns
A blade protector
For increased safety and optimal
protection, simply slide to remove
£7 the following months
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Customer Reviews
4,2 (110 reviews)
jeff g.
Wallasey, New Brighton
Rene S.
As described above. I am immensely pleased.
Michael P.
Would recommend to anyone
Stephen H.
Dave C.
as I have carpal tunnel in both hands size of the razor is ‘important.The size of the razor is thicker than most which makes for easier use..
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