The #5: Top Performer

The #5 razor is perfect for an extra-close, precise shave.
  • A lubricated strip enriched
    with aloe vera and vitamin E
    For a gentle glide
  • A precision blade at the backFor hard-to-reach areas such as
    the upper lip and sideburns
  • A rubber skin guard To hold skin taut for a
    close and comfortable shave
  • 5 movable blades
    with patented technology
    For a close shave and optimal comfort
  • A simple refill systemA blade protector to guide you

  • An ergonomically designed metal handle
    An anti-slip rubber grip and more
    heft for better handling
£7 the following months

A one-step refill system

Simply press the metal button
to change the head

A head that pivots at 40°

For maximum contact with the skin and
to reach difficult areas

5 thin, sharp, movable
"Nano sharpened edge” blades

To better follow the contours of your face,
ease the pressure on your skin and
more easily rinse your blade.
A precision blade at the back
For tricky manoeuvres under
the nose or sideburns
A blade protector
For increased safety and optimal protection,
simply slide to remove
Say goodbye to expensive shaves
that rub you the wrong way!
£7 the following months
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Customer Reviews
4,6 (59 reviews)
paul c.
has descrbed
martyn d.
Gary N.
Blade is ok
Geordie S.
It's an excellent razor and the shaving gel is as good as I've ever used. I've only had 3 shaves so far hence only 4 star's
Les C.
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