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Simon S.
My account was meant to have been cancelled by yourselves yet 2 payments have been taken this month, so now I have 2 more sets of blades that I do not want as they are awful
Hi Simon, I am truly sorry to read that your experience with our product has been unsatisfactory. BIC Shave Club offers a flexible and commitment-free subscription service. We created this service so that you have one less errand to think about in your already busy schedule. You can manage your subscription on your account at any time at no cost, as you did. However, you started a new subscription while your first one was on hold and then cancelled only the new subscription. About the two payments you mention, can we please ask you to get back to us by phone at 02076 608 580 to sort this out.
Ian W.
Efficient on-time delivery. Tricky to cancel the subscription, the online site seems to only allow 'pausing' delivery for a few months - had to communicate via the online text box.
Jorge F.
I'm happy with service provided. The blades are arriving in time.
Sean T.
Good so far
Andrew M.
The Bic shave club is a bit limited with its offerings. I use it because its cheaper than dollar shave and Harrys` and not Gillette who are arseholes. The razors are nice and give a good shave. I shave everyday using the shaving gel and the nice bic razor
Thank you very much for this feedback, we will definitely take this into account and see what we can do!
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