General Terms of Sale and of Use of the Website (Updated January 2020)

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    Our legal department obliges us to inform you that all use of the site (hereinafter the "Site") entails your acceptance without reserve of the present general terms of sale and use of the Site. The present general terms of sale apply to all orders passed on the Site and are intended to define the rights and obligations of the site's publisher, i.e. Company BIC, (hereinafter "BIC") and of the Client (hereinafter "You"). But as we want to make your life as easy as possible, the present general terms of sale are accessible permanently in a computerised format to make it easy to print and/or download them, in order that you can reproduce them or back them up. BIC reserves the possibility of adapting or modifying the present general terms of sale at any time without notice when, of course, we have something new, on the understanding that such amendments shall be inapplicable to orders and subscriptions which have been previously accepted and confirmed.
    • Your undertakings
    • You declare, of course, that you are a natural person, major, and fully capable of contracting, whether or not you are a hairy person. The rights which are given to you are personal and non-transferable. The products offered for sale on the Site are reserved for strictly personal use, not for commercial purposes. You cannot therefore subscribe to or purchase our products in order to resell them. You undertake, and we thank you in advance for this, to give us accurate, complete and up-to-date information in order to enable us to fulfil your orders correctly, and you are liable for the consequences arising from false or inaccurate information, or information which it is illegal to reproduce.
    • Your orders
    • We reserve the right to cancel or refuse your order for legitimate reasons, notably in cases including an anomaly on the order form, abnormal purchasing behavior and/or bad faith, refusal to pay, late payments for previous orders, fraudulent use of promotional offers and/or sponsorship. Cancellation of your subscription within 48 hours of your order will be considered as a cancellation of your order. The Site offers shaving products, and until February, 11th 2020 sale open-term subscriptions, "Gift" subscriptions of 6 or 12 months. Each termination of your subscription within 48 hours of your subscription will be considered as a cancellation of your order. A really very important thing, for all orders for subscriptions or orders for products on the Site: you must create a subscriber account, and enter your personal details, such as your surname, first name, delivery address and email. This will not take you much time, but we advise you to check your information carefully before confirming your order, in particular your delivery address. BIC may not be held liable for any consequences of any input errors, and we would be really very upset.
    • Operation of open-term subscriptions with monthly payments (or payments every other month) - Offer valid until February, 11th 2020
    • This subscription offer is no longer available from February, 12th 2020. Customer subscribing to this offer before this date will continue to benefit from this service. For new customers, go to the page “Other products”.
      You first choose the handle color that best suits you. You must then choose the frequency at which you wish to receive your blade refills at your home: every month or every other month. As you can see, it's not complicated. You will first receive your Starter Set, which includes a razor and 1 Shave Gel (75 ml). The following months you will receive a Blade Refill Pack of 4 blades. The first delivery of your Starter Set is made within an estimated period of 6-10 working days following your order. The following dates of shipment of blade refill packs will be either on the 5th, or on the 13th, or on the 20th, or on the 27th of each month, depending on the date of your first order. These shipment dates, and the direct debit date, are specified in your order confirmation. We have chosen this approach so that you will receive your blade refill packs each month, on a date which is easy to remember. By saying yes to us, and by confirming your order, you are subscribing to a monthly delivery service (or delivery every other month) until one of the parties decides to terminate this subscription. You acknowledge that this offer commits you to a monthly payment (or a payment every other month), and you authorise BIC to debit the corresponding sum automatically. And so that everything is simple, you can at any time, by logging on to your subscriber account:
    • - cancel your subscription without giving any reason (that goes without saying)
      - decide to change your razor, and to change from a 3 blades to 5 blades subscription
      - change the frequency at which you receive the blades
      - suspend your subscription for 1 or 2 occurrences, up to a maximum of 2 occurrences per calendar year
      - change your bank card information
    • These modification requests shall be taken into account immediately if they are made by midnight on the day before the planned shipment date. However, if these modification requests are made on the planned shipment date, or the following days, they will only be effective for the next shipment. We are really sorry about this, but technically it is not possible to arrange things differently.
    • Operation of "Gift" subscriptions, with payment in 1 installment, for 6 or 12 months - Offer valid until February, 11th 2020
    • This subscription offer is no longer available from February, 12th 2020. Customer subscribing to this offer before this date will continue to benefit from this service. For new customers, go to the page “Other products”.
      If you're looking to spoil someone close to you, or spoil yourself, you can also subscribe to a "Gift" subscription of 6 or 12 months. In the first month you will receive your Starter Set, which includes a handle, 1 blade head and 1 Shave Gel (75 ml). The following months you will receive a Blade Refill Pack of 4 blade heads. Your Starter Set is delivered within 6-10 working days following your order. Rest assured that we try to do everything as quickly as we can! The following dates of shipment of blade refill packs will be either on the 5th, or on the 13th, or on the 20th, or on the 27th of each month, depending on the date of your first order. These shipment dates are mentioned in your order confirmation. This subscription payment is made in a single installment when passing the order, for the duration chosen in the order. And as it is a "gift" subscription it cannot be modified, suspended or cancelled. However, you can perfectly well change the delivery address or temporarily have it delivered to another address, right from your customer account. This modification request will be taken into account only if it is made at the latest on the day before the planned shipment date, for technical reasons. When the first "Gift" subscription was made you received a free handle.
    • Other orders available on the Site
    • The Site offers for sale accessories and cosmetics as well as the possibility of ordering individually a set of blades or a razor handle if needed in your subscriber account. Some products may be eligible for shipping charges. The orders will be definitive only when the corresponding payment has been made. These products will be delivered within an estimated period of 6-10 business days following your order. Rest assured that we respond as quickly as we can.
    • Availability
    • The offers and products presented on the Site are subject to stock availability. If, despite BIC's vigilance, some products are unavailable, BIC shall inform the Client of this by email as rapidly as possible, and we shall explain why. In the case of a subscription BIC reserves the possibility of suspending the shipment period for one (1) month, and of postponing it to the next month. This is to enable us to review the situation and to contact you if necessary. If applicable, the debit will not be made. In the case of a simple order for products you will then have the possibility of waiting for a resupply, or cancelling and having your money reimbursed. BIC may not be held liable for any damages as a consequence of this. The Site is in principle accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year, except in the event of interruption, whether deliberate or involuntary, whatever the cause thereof, or for possible maintenance. Nor may BIC be held liable for any damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the Site being unavailable or site termination.
    • Payment
    • All orders are payable in GBP. You accept to pay all the costs shown in your account relating to the orders given. And as "a debt paid is a friend kept", payment is due in full once the order is passed. Received sums may not be considered as a deposit or a down payment. In the case of an open-term subscription the first month's payment will be made when the order is passed. And so that everything between us is clear, from the following months, the subscription is paid by monthly debit (or debit every other month) of the sum specified when the order was passed. The debit date is given with the order confirmation, and in the subscriber account. An invoice will be made available in this subscriber account each month (or every other month). In the case of 6- or 12-month subscriptions, payment shall be made in a single installment for the entire chosen term, when the order is passed. An invoice will be made available in your subscriber account. You can download it in a few clicks. For greater simplicity you must make the payment by bank card or by Paypal. You guarantee that you are fully authorised to use the payment card used, and have sufficient sums to pay for your order or orders. BIC may not be held liable for any fraudulent use of the payment means used. Payment is made on a secure server. We certify to you that the details of your credit card are encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, and never transit unencrypted over the network. Payment is made directly to an intermediary responsible for the banking transactions. It is a bit technical, but it is really very important. In short, we are really sorry, but BIC reserves the right to suspend or cancel all orders and/or deliveries in the event of non-payment of any sum due, or in the event of a payment incident.
    • Prices
    • The prices displayed on the Site are given in GBP including all taxes. All secondary costs shall be indicated in the basket before you confirm your order, so that you do not have any unpleasant surprises. BIC reserves the right to modify the displayed prices at any time, but this shall not change the pricing of your previously accepted and confirmed orders. BIC shall not be obliged to reimburse you the difference if the price of open-term subscriptions is reduced, or in the event of a promotion.
    • Terms of our promotional offers
    • In the case of open-term subscriptions, since our price reduction offers are spread over several months and/or apply after the 1st monthly subscription (e.g.: the 2nd and 3rd months free), they no longer apply if your subscription is modified (in particular in the event of suspension of occurrences, change of frequency of reception of blades, change of razors) over the period of the price reduction offer. All promotional offers are reserved to new subscribers only and cannot be combined with other promotional advantages offered on our Site or via partners.
    • Delivery
    • Delivery is made by post only to the United Kingdom (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man are excluded). Products are delivered to the delivery address which you gave us during the order process. So it is important to check this information twice! Delivery cannot be made either to hotels or to postboxes. All indicated time periods are calculated in working days. Delivery times given on the site are indicative times, corresponding to the average recorded times for processing and delivery. If we are forced to make these times longer we shall inform you of them on the Site before any purchase is made. BIC may not be held liable for consequences due to a shipping delay not caused by it. However, in the event of a delivery delay of between 7 and 30 days compared to the planned shipping date given in your subscriber account we ask you to contact our customer service in order to organise a new shipment, if applicable. After 30 days from your order date no claim for unreceived products shall be followed by a new shipment. Obviously, we really will do everything to prevent that happening. Sometimes, though, there are times when things become more complicated. BIC reserves the right to suspend the service, or not to accept to send a new starter set shipment, if the client is dishonest, in particular in the event a repeated order for a Starter Set to the same address, or many non-receptions of our shipments.
    • Compliance of the Products
    • We have done everything we can to ensure that our products are shipped to you under good conditions. But on delivery you must also check for any possible damage or partial losses of the delivered products, and/or you must inform BIC of any damage due to the shipment within 30 days of delivery of your order. Please remember this period. To do so, visit your subscriber account, click on the "Return" link, and follow the instructions to organise a new shipment. We recommend that you keep original products and packaging until you have received confirmation from us of the terms of your return. We shall act as quickly as possible. It is the law: you have a guarantee against hidden flaws which must be invoked within two years of discovery of a flaw, and a 2-year compliance guarantee from delivery of the product. In the event of any defect you must contact Customer Service at the address given in these general sales terms, and may choose between reimbursement or an exchange of your order.
    • Right of withdrawal
    • The legislator has established a good system, and in accordance with law you have a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of your order to exercise your legal right of withdrawal, and to return to us any product which is not to your liking, and to ask for a reimbursement without penalties, except for the return costs. In the case of subscriptions it is stipulated that the right of withdrawal applies only to the first delivery of your order, but not to subsequent deliveries. To exercise your right of withdrawal it is very simple: all you have to do is log in to your subscriber account, click on the "Return" link and download and complete the dedicated form. You can also use the right of withdrawal form below and send it to the address indicated below.
      (Please complete and return the present form only if you want to withdraw from the contract.) I/we (*) inform you hereby that I/we (*) withdraw from the contract relating to the sale of the good (*)/for the provision of services (*) below:
      Order of (date) (*)/received on (date) (*):
      Name(s) of the Client(s):
      Address(es) of the Client(s):
      Signature of the Client(s) (only in the event of notification of the present paper form):
      Read carefully! Products must be returned in their original packaging, in perfect condition, and accompanied by all their accessories, to the address given below:
      IMX Worldwide
      Oakcroft Road
      KT9 1RH
      In accordance with the law, the right of withdrawal does not apply to products that have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and that cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection.
      The return costs by post are payable by yourself. So that everything between us is clear, the return of the Products shall be followed by a reimbursement equal to the total of the sums paid for the order in question within a period of 7 working days from receipt of the return.
    • Liability
    • BIC may not be held liable for unforeseeable damage, or for a total or partial failure to meet its obligations, if this failure results from a case of force majeure or act of third party. Getting on the Internet is increasingly simple, but BIC may not be held liable for all disadvantages or damage inherent to the use of the Internet network, for computer bugs, errors or viruses, or any other element which may prevent you visiting the Site. All users accept that visiting and using the Site are undertaken at their own risks, and that BIC may suspend or terminate use of the Site at any time, as it alone sees fit. We know that this will happen only very rarely, but failure to comply with these General Terms and Conditions, in particular, any payment incident when passing the initial order or making the monthly debits, wrongful acts contrary to BIC's interests, and the communication of false information, may lead to suspension of pending subscriptions or cancellation of the client account. Nothing in these General Terms excludes or limits our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability which cannot be excluded by law.
    • Customer Service and mediation service
    • For all specific questions, and to reassure you if necessary, customer service may be contacted by email at the following address: and by phone at 02076 608 580 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
      You should note that disputes may be submitted for online resolution to the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution platform (
    • Continuity and transfer of the contract's rights and obligations
    • You cannot assign or transfer your rights or obligations obtained by the present General Sales Terms. BIC reserves the right to assign or transfer at any time all or part of its rights or obligations without your prior consent.
    • Intellectual property; Third-party sites
    • This is very legal, but all content (images and text) of the Site is protected by copyright and cannot be distributed, downloaded, modified, edited, re-used, republished, reproduced, transmitted, executed, displayed or otherwise used by mechanical or electronic means without BIC's express, written authorisation. Please note that all commercial trademarks and all logos, concepts and product names, whether or not they are shown in large characters, and whether or not they are followed by trademark symbols, are commercial trademarks of BIC, its affiliated companies, its subsidiaries and its related companies or its licensors or joint-venture partners. Distribution, downloading, editing, modification, re-use, reproduction, republication, transmission, exploitation, presentation or other uses of these commercial trademarks or of any other material, other than that which is authorised herein, is expressly prohibited and may contravene the law relating to copyright, commercial trademarks, defamation, protection of personal information and private life, and laws and regulations relating to communications. Please also note that BIC exercises actively and fully its intellectual property rights to the full extent permitted by law. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from recommending us to your nearest and dearest! As you are no doubt aware, many things happen on the Internet; for this reason BIC gives no guarantee and makes no declaration concerning websites other than that of BIC which you may visit. When you visit a website other than that of BIC you must understand that it is independent of BIC. BIC cannot supervise or assess the content of all websites, and accepts no liability resulting from the content of these off-site pages. Also, BIC does not approve either the content or the use of a third-party website which is linked to the BIC website, and accepts no liability. We have no control over the practices in respect of confidentiality of websites which link to our Site. It is recommended that you read BIC's declaration of confidentiality and the confidentiality policies of all websites linked to the Site. It is the responsibility of each user to take the necessary measures to ensure that their use of the Internet is free of offensive material. Use of links to pages outside the site is at your own risk.
    • General Provisions
    • As legislation sometimes changes rapidly, if one or more stipulations of the present general sales terms is/are held to be invalid, or is/are declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or following a final judgment of a court with jurisdiction, the other stipulations shall retain their full force and scope. Even if we delay in enforcing these General Terms, we can still enforce it later. If we do not insist immediately that you do anything you are required to do under these General Terms, or if we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breaking this contract, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date. For example, if you miss a payment and we do not chase you but we continue to provide the products, we can still require you to make the payment at a later date
    • Law
    • English law governs the present general sales terms. All disputes relating to performance or interpretation of the present general sales terms shall be submitted to the English court with non-exclusive jurisdiction. General sales terms cannot limit measures relating to consumer protection by which you may be covered pursuant to the legislation in force in your country of residence.
    • Contact details of the publisher and Web host
    • Publisher
    • We are a long-standing and well-established French company. Company BIC is a joint-stock company with capital of €181,542,184.24 registered as number 552 008 443 in Nanterre Trade and Companies Register, having its registered office at 14 rue Jeanne d’Asnières, 92110 Clichy France. The VAT number is UK 280 6493 85
      Customer service may be reached by postal letter to the address given above, or by email at the following address: and by phone at 02076 608 580 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
      8, rue du Tanin
      Parc des Tanneries
      67380 Lingolsheim
    • Web host
    • We have chosen a renowned web host located in French territory.
      Smile SAS
      20 rue Des Jardins
      +334 37 23 56 69